Luxury Home Design

You do not have to compromise your design desires and needs with the standard homes on the market.  Allow Design 2 Build to work closely with you to build your dream luxury home.  When you are looking to build your dream home, you want everything to be perfect and to fit all of your needs.  A custom designed and built luxury home allows you to cater to every need and desire, rather than altering or living with an existing home.

Size & Budget
Luxury homes are not necessarily synonymous with large homes and really that stipulation depends on your personal preferences.  It is wise to determine the size range that you wish to design in and then figure out your budget.  If building a home with thousands of square feet, the sheer size must be taken into account for aspects such as:

– Material costs
– Labor
– Electrical/plumbing
– Furnishings & details

All of these features are multiplied in a large-scale home and will greatly increase the budget.  If you decide to build a smaller home, then more of your budget can be put towards the finishing details, such as high-end built-ins to technology.

Remaining in budget can prove to be the most challenging when designing a luxury home.  Due to the desire to include all the modern luxuries, extravagant details and personal needs, it is all the most important to set a budget.  Custom built homes allow for more homeowner input and thus can change and be added to throughout the design and construction process.  Experts recommend that roughly 10% of the budget be set aside for those added costs, whether necessary due to construction or desired details.

The last thing you want is a home that is half-finished.  It is very easy to get caught up in the thrill of designing and building your own home, but make sure to set out with a clear budget and idea in mind.  After that, it is all in the details.

Prioritize Desires
Your luxury home has endless possibilities and is a product of your needs, tastes and importantly, living desires.  What aspects of your future home are most important to you? Open spaces and grand rooms for entertaining large parties or a well high-tech media room?  Prioritizing your desires will help plan the layout of your dream home and assist with planning the budget as well.

Choosing A Site
Whether you build a luxury home or purchase an existing one, the location is key.  Choosing a location that is convenient for your family is important but also for potential resale.  The actual lot itself is just as important as the home you build and should be given great consideration prior to deciding upon a house plan.  The natural topography of the lot can affect the layout of your home and could be an added expense and headache if it doesn’t work well.

Choosing A Designer & Builder
Once you can visualize your ideal luxury home and know the general details of what you want, it is time to consult a designer.  Finding a designer that understands your vision, feels it is feasible and that you feel comfortable and confident working with is a step that may require interviewing two or three professionals.  The key is to find a designer that can see your dream and utilize their expertise to put that on paper.  Once you have that settled, it is best to pick a builder that has similar qualities and is motivated to make your luxury home a reality.

If you are in the market for a dream home, the best way to get that is to be heavily involved with the design and construction of your home.  By hiring a design professional, such as Design 2 Build, your ideas and desires can be incorporated to create a unique and fully custom luxury home.

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