Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring needs to be tough and resistant.  You will want a flooring material that tolerates a lot of foot traffic, moisture/water, acidic food and household products as well as looks stylish.  When entering a home, the first thing people notice is the flooring and the kitchen is a frequent place for people to gather.


Most natural stone materials are sensitive to anything acidic and may need to be sealed when installed in the kitchen.  Natural stones are extremely durable and when properly sealed and cared for they will resist moisture and staining.  Stone floors can be expensive but offer a variety of different colors, veining, and textures.  Marble or granite are very expensive and marble is sensitive to acidic products which can cause it to etch.  These are also very difficult to remove if you decide to change the flooring material.  But they are beautiful and create a formal looking kitchen.  Travertine or slate create a more casual effect and look great.

Ceramic and Porcelain tile are man-made and work exceptionally well for kitchen flooring.  They have superb wear and performance qualities and will last for several years.  They require little care and maintenance.  Ceramic tiles can be found in every color, design, pattern, and size.  Porcelain tiles are softer in appearance and come in many neutral tones of various shades to present a warm, inviting, calm effect.  Terrazzo Tile is beautiful, sleek, and modern.  It is extremely durable, waterproof, and very easy to maintain.  It is very expensive because there is no other flooring like it.  You can create your own design with a mix of chips of marble, glass, sea shells, etc or keep it solid.  You can have it polished to a mirror reflection gloss and it will be years before it will need to be refinished or replaced, if ever.



Laminate woods are exceptional looking and extremely durable kitchen floors and an excellent alternative to solid and engineered wood floors because they are economically priced and nearly maintenance free.   Laminate wood is built tough to withstand heavy traffic and to resist scratches, dents, stains, and moisture.  High-quality laminate has water resistant cores and waxed sealed edges to keep moisture out.  There is a huge variety of laminate wood in different length, width, planks, boards, grain patterns, and colors to choose from.   Unlike solid wood floors, laminate cannot be refinished but at a much cheaper price it won’t be too costly to replace.