A backsplash is a vertical covering on a wall rising above a counter-top that serves the purpose of both protecting the wall from spills as well as decorating the wall.  Typically, there is about a three inch backsplash that comes with the counter-top to protect the wall from in minor splashes or spills.  However, if you ever use a blender, food processor  or accidentally splash anything higher than 3 inches, this is not sufficient and the wall above the counter will need cleaned frequently and even then the stains will not fully come off of the paint.  Installing a backsplash provides decor and eliminates the need to frequently clean, prime, and repaint the wall.  Backsplashes can bet either tile or sheet and offer a variety of options.



This is a very expensive option in which you have a custom cut single s sheet of stainless steel installed.  You can choose between a flat, brushed finish or a stamped or patterned sheet at an even higher cost.  Stainless steel requires special tools and a skill set to install and must be done by a carpenter.  You also can choose stainless steel tiles but they are not much cheaper than a stainless steel sheet.






The next most expensive option is glass tile.  The glass tile is adhered to the wall with thinset as a base, and sandless grout fills the gaps between the tiles.  You will need grout sealer to stop the splashes from soaking into the porous grout.






Traditional tin tiles are an up and coming trend in backsplash.  Most are available in 24″ x 24″ tiles.  One problem with this is that most backsplashes in the U.S. are only 18″ tall so every panel needs to be cut and intricate details can be lost.  Another issue is the real tin tiles do not offer a way to finish the edges cleanly so you must have an experienced contractor install the tin tiles meticulously so it is finished with a full tile on any exposed end.





Facade decorative backsplash tiles are water, impact, and stain resistant.  They are also significantly cheaper than other options such as stamped tin, metal, or aluminum.  They are durable and timeless, and add an instant drama that leaves a lasting impression.  It is affordable and stylish and you can pick between modern, industrial, or traditional styles and finishes.