Room Additions & Expansions

The most popular solution to maximize the living space and increase the value of your home is a property expansion.  Room additions and expansions can expand your property in order to create a home that will satisfy the unique needs of your family and life and solve any problems you are having with your current living arrangements.  The route you choose to take when expanding your property will depend on your family’s personal needs and the style of your home and we can help you decide which option best suits your lifestyle.  Whether you need additional rooms to accommodate a growing family, a second floor, have a bathroom that is just too small, a kitchen that can’t accommodate your passion for cooking, or simply wish to increase the size and value of your property, Design 2 Build is the ideal company to customize your home and transform it into you the house of your dreams.



Single story additions and expansions include the addition of a single room or multiple rooms to the existing single-story property or the expansion of rooms on the main floor.

Common types include:

Single-room additions:  kitchen expansions, master bedroom expansions, living room/dining room/family room expansions, or bedroom additions.

Exterior structure addition:  garage, sunroom, porch, or deck

Bump-out:  a small extension of an existing wall that is cantilevered off the side of your home

Wing addition:  the addition of multiple rooms


The additions to the main floor of a home are much more cost-efficient than the addition of a second story.  If you have the land to accommodate room additions, it is the wisest option.  Room additions do not require the removal of your roof which allows for you to potentially remain  in your home.  Depending on the location of the addition or expansion, you may be able to stay mostly isolated from the construction area until it almost complete.  This option also limits the risk of damage to the integrity of the home, while a second story can often cause damage to first floor walls and ceilings.  Room additions and expansions are cheaper, less risky, and have less inconvenience.  Local building codes may not allow for a second story, so this may be your only feasible option to increase the amount of living space in your home.

Second Story Addition:


The addition of the second story adds another floor to your home that can either encompass the entire first floor or only a portion of it.  A dormer is  a cost-effective rooftop addition that will provide you some extra living space, provides curb appeal, and allows more light.


If you have a smaller lot that cannot accommodate building outwards or you need more room than would be possible, the addition of a second story can double your living space.


Room additions and expansions are sophisticated projects and our expertise and experience when it comes to construction allows us to anticipate and manage the complexities of the job to ensure that the process runs as smooth as possible.  Our careful construction plan will protect vital home functions like the electrical components, plumbing, and insulation and the end result will be a well-integrated addition to the existing structure.  Whether you choose to add additional rooms or an entire second story, the renovations that are completed on time, on budget, and with minimal headache are the best planned out so be sure to engage in comprehensive planning.

What to Expect:

-We will minimize the mess by sectioning of the construction area and daily clean-up
-However, do expect it to be messy and dusty
-Your home may be open to outside weather
-If you remain in your home, expect limited usability of some portions of it
-Your home will be open to workers and your level of privacy may be altered


-Spend extra time planning to save money and stay within budget
-Obtain all permits and ensure code compliance prior to construction
-Make sure you have adequate funds to complete the project
-Anticipate unexpected costs when completing your budget
-Stick to your budget
-Decide prior to the build the type and quality of finishes and factor the variance in pricing into creating your budget


-Approval by building department
-Demolition of certain areas
-The foundation must be dug out
-The concrete floors and foundation walls and/or concrete slabs will be poured
-Curing, then backfilling
-The walls and roof are framed and sheathed
-Roof is shingled
-Windows and doors are installed
-First inspection by building inspector to ensure code compliance
-Installation of plumbing and electrical
-Typically, another inspection
-Insulation installed
-Drywalling, taping, and mudding
-Painting of the walls
-Completion of electrical and plumbing
-Interior doors, windows, baseboard trim, and floor installed
-Cabinetry, sinks, faucets, and other finishes installed
-Building inspector performs final inspection

Using Design 2 Build for your room additions or expansions ensures that this process runs smoothly and stress-free with minimal inconvenience.  Working collaboratively with you enables us to provide adequate planning so that all decisions are made with you prior to construction, as well as setting a budget and sticking to it.  Our goal is to have the construction run smoothly, end on-time, on-budget, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction before, during, and at completion of the renovation.  We promise the end result will be the home of your dreams that is well-built and of increased value.  You will be satisfied with every aspect of the renovation from vital functions, including electrical and plumping, down to the most minute finishes.

*Please Note:

Even if you hire one company like Design 2 Build to complete your project in entirety from the design phase to build, always separate the two processes.  You will find that many times there will be a lot of changes in the design phase.  Once the design is completed and approved by your local building department, then use the complete plans to obtain a more exact bid.