Remodeling & Construction

Interior Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Do you want to completely change the look or design of your kitchen?  Do you need more space to cook and wish to expand your current kitchen?  Design 2 Build will create the kitchen of your dreams according to your needs and budget whether it be through a complete demolition and rebuild from scratch, by expanding windows and adding skylights, or simply through replacing cabinets and finishes.


Replacing the cabinets in your kitchen can be a drastic and minimally invasive way to change the appearance of your kitchen.   There are a multitude of options you can choose from when selecting cabinets.  Design 2 Build can help you select and install cabinets with minimal disruption.




Do you desire the elegance and luxury of marble countertops?  Or do you need your countertops to be low-maintenance and highly durable?  Whatever your budget and needs are regarding countertops, Design 2 Build can replace the countertops in your kitchen to increase functionality or update the appearance.




Do you want an intricate tile backsplash?  Do you want the easy and quick installation of a decorative facade panel backsplash?  Whatever amount of time and money you are willing to invest into a backsplash, Design 2 Build can create the perfect backsplash for you…




Kitchen Flooring

Do you desperately need a change in the flooring in your kitchen?  Do you want the easy and convenient installation in laminate tiles or planks?  Or are you willing to invest more time and money into installing tile floors?  Whatever your needs and budget is,  Design 2 Build will install flooring to complement the features of your kitchen remodel.



Bathroom Renovations

Renovating your bathroom can cover a vast range of options from fairly simple to complex.  Depending on your budget and needs, Design 2 Build can perform simple cosmetic upgrades that maintain the current structure or we can completely gut the bathroom and start new.  Whatever your goals and needs are we can build you the bathroom that you have always wished for…




Do you desperately need to rid your home of outdated 70’s shag carpet?  Do you dream of beautiful hardwood floors?  Does the easy maintenance and low cost of laminate appeal to you?  Whatever your needs and desires are Design 2 Build can install the ideal flooring for you.






Do you yearn for the look of hardwood floors?  Do you lack the skill necessary to install your own own hardwood floors?  Design 2 Build will remove your existing flooring and create the flawless wooden floors that you dream of.





Do you love the feel of carpet flooring but cannot stand the wear and grime in your existing carpet?  Design 2 Build will remove your existing flooring and install brand new carpet that will exceed your expectations.






Do you love the thought of tile floors but can’t fathom attempting the tedious installation yourself?  Design 2 Build has extensive knowledge and experience and can create the perfect tile floors you desire.





Does you wish for the look of hardwood floors but it is out of your budget?  Laminate flooring can mimic the appearance of wooden floors but at a much more inexpensive cost with lower maintenance and upkeep.  Design 2 Build will install the flooring to give you the look you desire at a cost you can afford.

Room Additions & Expansions

Do you desperately need more space in your home to accommodate a growing family?  Do you need to increase the size of your kitchen or build a home office?  Design 2 Build can maximize your living space and increase the value of your home by expanding your property through a room addition or expansion.




Single-story Addition

Are you looking for a cost-efficient way to increase your living space?  Do you have land available to accommodate building out?  Room additions to a homes main floor does not require removal of the roof which allows you to potentially remain in your home during renovations   Design 2 Build can help you maximize your square footage with the cheaper and less risky route of single-story additions.



Second Story Addition

Do you need more space than is possible with a single story addition?  Does your lot not have room to build outwards?  Design 2 Build can guide you through the process of a second story addition.  We have the expertise and experience to manage the complexities inherent in this type of sophisticated project.



Commercial Development

Tenant Improvements

Commercial tenant improvements will update the aesthetics of your office or retail space.  Commercial tenant improvements can be simple exterior updates or a complete gutting and rebuild from new.  Whatever your budget and needs are, Design 2 Build can assist you with the tenant improvements necessary to attract customers and clients.



New Building Development

Do you have a commercial project that needs designed and built from the ground up?  With new building development, the project in entirety must be addressed from planning to building.  This type of project involves multiple stages of construction   Design 2 Build is the ideal company to guide you through all stages of construction, from the planning and design to the actual build.